Navigating the Legal/Insurance Space for Laptop Repair Shop

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Desktop computers and laptop systems are used everywhere, from small to large-scale industries, organizations, and educational institutions. In the same way, there is a huge demand for shops that provide repair services to fix these systems. However, being a repair shop owner, any accidental damage to a customer’s laptop or information stored in it can bring some serious consequences for you.

This article will discuss the importance of insurance coverage and the legalities involved in the computer repair business. Also, you will learn how laptop repair shop POS software can help a repairer streamline the processes. Below are the details.

Ensure the Laptop You are Repairing is not Stolen.

First thing first, to play safe on your end, always ensure that the computer that comes to your shop to get fixed is not stolen. Because if that is the case, your local police can file a complaint against you on behalf of the owner, and you may have to pay a fine or serve in prison.

And to verify that, you can search the online theft registers using the laptop’s serial number, mentioned on its back. On the other hand, if you find an issue with the laptop system’s ownership, you can immediately report the person who brought the system to your shop.

If the system does not have such legality issues, you can assign the repair task to any of your expert technicians using point of sales software. In addition, the software can assist you in altering the shift timings of your employees and let you know how many hours each individual has worked in a single day.

Thus, you will be able to identify if they deserve a bonus or an incentive for the respective month. Also, the system will help you in processing the payrolls.

Look for Tax Structure on Repair Services in Your City

You must be listed in the tax net to legalize your repair business. And in the US, different business structures are taxed differently. Also, computer repair stores in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, etc., have different percentages in payable taxes.

For instance, according to the finance department, the sales tax on computer and mobile repair in New York is 8.875%. Following is the information on the taxability of repair services in different states of the US.

  • Connecticut: The tax rate for electronic goods repairs is 6.35%
  • Hawaii: Digital devices are taxed according to Hawaii’s general excise tax
  • California: No sales tax
  • Alaska: 0% sales tax
  • Colorado: Other than games, sales tax shall be implied

You can look at these statistics before investing in a laptop repair business. But, of course, you can always adjust your servicing prices according to the taxes. Similarly, you may need help managing the cash flow at your store. So, you must employ repair business management software, which will help you calculate your taxes and salaries for your employees. 

Insurance in Repair Servicing Industry

Getting your laptop repair store insured is vital, as it will provide you with protection against thefts, data loss, and other possible risks. However, before you pick a location and order your repair parts and accessories, consult with someone who can guide you about insurance coverage to protect you against expected financial losses.

Employees Insurance 

Your employees and technicians are your asset and can play their role in making or breaking your business. One can suffer from a severe injury while doing a laptop repair job, such as LCD screen replacement, motherboard, RAM installation, etc.

That is one of the reasons you must opt for workers’ insurance at the time of their hiring or onboarding. It will allow you to pay their medical bills in case of a serious injury or illness.

Cyber Liability Insurance 

This insurance coverage helps clients and repair business owners in case of cyber-attacks. It will help every repair business that deals in repairing computers and electronics containing sensitive information.

Also, to play safe on your end, you can communicate to the customer that; your shop will not be held responsible in case of any data loss. And for prompt communication, you can take help from the laptop repair shop POS software.

Commercial and Auto Insurance 

Any accidental damage to your shop or the inventory stored in it could be hefty and cost you several thousand US $ in lost. To cope with that, you can apply for commercial auto insurance. It will help you cover the cost of medical bills, property damage, and most other expenses arising from the mishap.

Final Words

Knowing the legalities involved in your laptop repair business is crucial. Before you take a step into investing in this industry, make sure to have the proper guidance from a coach. Also, never run the shop without the insurance we have mentioned above. They will save you if there is considerable property or data loss.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this information. For all of your concerns and queries, please comment below.


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